Local city ranked "most romantic" by Amazon

Love is in the air in the Washington region.

That's because one local city has been ranked as the Most Romantic in the U.S. by Amazon.com.

The influential online-retailer determines its list with a complication of sales data from more than 100,000 residents on a per capita basis and includes purchases of romance novels and relationship books (both Kindle and print); romantic comedy movies (DVDs and digital); a curated list of romantic music, including artists like Barry White, Maxwell, Miguel, and Luther Vandross (CDs and MP3 format); as well as the sales of sexual wellness products.

The top 20 cities were:

Some of the research's most interesting finds were that customers using Echo speakers to set the mood most often requested the song "Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe," by Barry White and that customers looking to keep the passion alive with sexual wellness products most often came from Miami.

Here locally, Alexandrians can rest easy knowing they have reclaimed the list's top spot after a heartbreaking five-year hiatus.

Happy Valentine's Day!