Little girl who danced with hospital staff after undergoing three open heart surgeries back home

Four-year-old Myla is now back home with her family after more than three open-heart surgeries at Children's National Hospital in D.C.

Her care team took pictures with her next to the helicopter that brought her to the hospital initially. 

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On January 16, Myla was admitted to Children's National Hospital after suffering a sudden heart block. She was diagnosed with Myocarditis: an inflammation of the heart muscle. Doctors say she had no heartbeat for 11 days after suffering from cardiac arrest. 

"She had three open heart surgeries, the first one scared me the most because they gave me a 10% chance of her surviving," said Myla's mother, Nikita King.  

Myla went from this energetic little girl from Hagerstown, Maryland to fighting the toughest battle of her life. 

"She couldn't even sit up, she wasn't able to walk. The majority of the time she was sedated and paralyzed during the three months we were at the hospital," said King. 

After three gut-wrenching months for the King and Miller Family and three open heart surgeries, Myla's team of cardiologists, ICU doctors and nurses at Children's got her to walk again. 

"From where she came in to where she is now, she has completely beaten the odds... to see her still have that spunk," said nurse Trish Averill. 

"I'm lucky to see her grow from this shy little girl to this wild child forcing us to do Tik Tok videos with her now," said nurse Diane Emond.  

And boy has this Tik Tok video been a hit. This brave little girl is seen showing off some series moves alongside her hospital care team. 

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"It's insane the amount of fight this little girl has in her. We're wearing masks, goggles, isolation gowns, we're in total isolation gowns but it's so worth it seeing a 4-year-old who may not have been here without Children's," said nurse Diane Emond. 

"She is a miracle, her story is absolutely unbelievable, her story deserves to be known," she adds. 

"She really is an inspiration, I hope she knows that," said nurse Hannah Martin. 

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Myla sat on her hospital bed waving and smiling for our Fox5 cameras. Her strength and resilience are signs of hope for all of us during these uncertain times. 

"She never gave up, she found through the whole thing and she's still fighting," said King. 

Myla's recovery is ongoing.