Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam: 1-on-1 with Virginia's Democratic candidate for governor

Virginia's Lieutenant Governor, Ralph Northam, is the Commonwealth's Democratic candidate for Governor in this year's election. With the vote just two weeks away, Northam sat down with FOX 5's Steve Chenevey to talk about his plans for the state if he wins.


"There's a tremendous amount of enthusiasm across the Commonwealth," Northam said when he visited FOX 5 on Tuesday. In the past few weeks, former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden have both campaigned in the state in his support.

While polls have tightened as the election nears, the Lieutenant Governor feels he is in touch with Virginia citizens. "People, like I said, they're just tired of the negativity that we're seeing from the other campaign. they believe in the Virginia way. They believe in jobs. they believe in education, health care that's what's resonating with the voters."


"Absolutely," Northam said when asked if he stills stands by a campaign ad in which he called President Donald Trump a "narcissistic maniac." He called current Washington policies "detrimental" and continued that hot topic issues like the travel ban, DACA, health care and taxes are provoking fear. "No individual, no family should be one medical illness away from financial demise," he said. "If we let them do what they're doing in Washington, that's we're going to end up."

"We have a candidate that we're running against who is nothing more than a Washington lobbyist," he said of his opponent, Ed Gillespie. "Virginians, they want someone that will take us to the next level."


Northam said an ad accusing him of supporting MS-13 gangs is inaccurate and despicable. "They're doing nothing more than promoting the hatred and bigotry coming out of Washington." The Lieutenant Governor said "we've showed up," when asked about his attendance.


He says he doesn't feel Hillary Clinton's loss in last year's presidential election will turn off Democratic voters from turning out for Virginia's Gubernatorial vote. He says Democrats have a great ticket and hopes his party can get the majority back.


Northam said he has a unique perspective on guns since he has served in the military. "I have seen firsthand what assault weapons do to human beings, it's clear, we don't need assault weapons on our streets and in our society."

"I think Virginians are ready for responsible gun ownership and things like universal background checks," he continued.


"There's power in every child and we he'd need to make sure all of our children in have a have access to world class education system," Northam said. He said teachers in Northern Virginia make less than the national average and hopes to address that.


"Our doors are open. Our lights are on. We're ready for the Redskins to move to Virginia," Northam said about the possibility of Washington, D.C.'s NFL team moving to the Commonwealth. He said he has no new information regarding a possible move at this time. "We're going to do everything we can to help them. We're real excited. It would be great to have them in Virginia."


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