Lawmakers propose universal freshman eligibility for Montgomery County Public Schools sports and activities

Some lawmakers in Montgomery County feel a 2.0 GPA to play sports or activities for high school freshman is just too high. On Tuesday, they proposed to get rid of it.

During a meeting, members of the school board’s policy management committee discussed removing the minimum requirement. They claim that it acts as a barrier to students who could benefit from the group activities.

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Documents presented at the meeting list statistics that claim removing the barrier for students to play sports and activities will actually act as a benefit.

They go on to say sports and extracurricular activities can actually improve graduation rates, raise self-esteem, improve overall performance and they say it equips students with useful life skills.

Several community members oppose the measure claiming the move will only teach students that school isn’t a priority.

The plan is only a proposal and still needs to be presented to the full council. If adopted, the plan will go into effect by the 2020-2021 school year.