Kiplinger's list of 16 people you should tip during the holiday season

It's the season of giving. But remembering everyone in your life - from your child's teacher to your hairdresser - can be a daunting task when it comes to tipping around the holidays.

Kiplinger's Miriam Cross joined us with a look of the 16 people who should always be tipped around the holidays - and it's usually people who do a service for you throughout the year.

"They all should be tipped," said Cross. "But the chances that you're going to employ all 16 people on that list are pretty low."

Here's the breakdown:

#1. Mail Carrier | Suggested Tip: A gift card of up to $20.

#2. Newspaper-Delivery Person | Suggested Tip: $10 to $30.

#3. Childcare Provider | Suggested Tip: At least a week's pay, plus a small gift from your child.

#4. Trash and Recycling Collectors | Suggested Tip: $10 to $30 each.

#5. Doorman | Suggested Tip: $25 to $100 each.

#6. Child's Teacher | Suggested Tip: A thoughtful gift.

#7. Regular Cleaning Person | Suggested Tip: The cost of one visit.

#8. Regular Hairstylist or Barber | Suggested Tip: The cost of one visit.

#9. Regular Dog Groomer | Suggested Tip: Up to the cost of a session.

#10. Personal Caregiver | Suggested Tip: One week to one month's pay.

#11. Personal Trainer | Suggested Tip: Up to the cost of one session.

#12. Building's Handyman | Suggested Tip: $20 to $100.

#13. Massage Therapist | Suggested Tip: The cost of one visit.

#14. Golf or Tennis Pro | Suggested Tip: A nice gift.

#15. Landscapers and Gardeners | Suggested Tip: $20 to $50 per person.

#16. Parking Garage Attendant | Suggested Tip: $10 to $50.

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