Justice the male bald eagle returns to DC nest after missing for weeks

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After going missing for nearly three weeks, Justice the male bald eagle and co-star of the Earth Conservation Corps Eagle Cam powered by Pepco, has officially returned to his nest in D.C.

Justice was last seen on February 9 at around 7:13 a.m., according to the Earth Conservation Corps. Since then, his mate of 14 years, Liberty, laid two eggs and had multiple suitors, including "Aaron Burrd," who attempted to steal her affections while Justice was away.

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The Earth Conservation Corps says on Feb. 22 Liberty abandoned her eggs and left the next day with one of her suitors, nicknamed M2. A few days later, on Feb. 25, she returned to the nest along with M2.

On Wednesday at around 2:21 p.m., Justice returned, according to the Earth Conservation Corps. The two have not yet been seen together.

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Earth Conservation Corps says a fight between Justice and M2 could potentially happen in an effort to reclaim his nest, but only time will tell.

Watch the full video of Justice's return below: