Judge orders police to release internal affairs report on John Geer shooting

A judge has ordered Fairfax County police to turn over more details to the family of John Geer. The 46-year-old was killed in August of 2013 during an incident with police and the investigation has dragged on ever since.

This ruling on Friday comes as police have been refusing to turn over its internal affairs report on the shooting death by one of its officers.

In the ruling, the judge has ordered the county to turn over the report by February 20.

It has been one year and five months since Geer was shot and killed by Fairfax County Police Officer Adam Torres.

The delays are unconscionable," said Ben DiMuro, a family lawyer for the Geer family. "The delays cause one to pause and wonder what is going on, what takes a year and a half to investigate events that occurred over 50 minutes. It's unfathomable and incomprehensible."

While the criminal investigation is still underway, Geer's family has filed a civil lawsuit while the criminal probe has dragged on.

The judge's ruling came over the objections of county attorneys who said releasing that report would damage a U.S. Department of Justice investigation that is now underway.

Attorneys for Geer's family say they are pleased with the judge's ruling.

The judge in this case says that he is going to delay the release of the internal affairs report until February 20, which will give the justice department two weeks to decide if releasing it will jeopardize their own investigation. If not, the entire report will be made public two weeks from today.

Last week, the county released 11,000 pages worth of documents and material on the case. ? ?