Judge orders Comet Ping Pong arson suspect to be held without bond

New information was released Tuesday in the case of the man charged with setting a fire inside Comet Ping Pong.

In court, the prosecutor in the case told the judge that investigators believe Ryan Jaselskis was living out of his car in D.C. for about two weeks.

After allegedly setting fire to a curtain inside Comet Ping Pong, he was twice arrested at the Washington Monument and told police he would return again.

Back on February 4, prosecutors say Jaselskis jumped a fence at the Monument and refused to cooperate with two U.S. Park Police officers who were trying to take him into custody.

Instead, he fought back -- hitting one officer in the face, causing a bloody nose -- before the officers used a baton in an attempt to get him on the ground before finally using a tazor.

After going before a judge who told him to stay away from the Monument, Jaselskis went back the very next day.

Park Police found him inside the Monument and when he was taken into custody a second time he reportedly told police, "Third time is a charm".

It was Jaselskis's alleged behavior at Comet Ping Pong back on January 23, that seemed to bother the judge the most.

Prosecutors showed the defense and then the judge a two-minute video apparently recorded inside the restaurant. FOX 5 and others in the courtroom were not permitted to see it.

Prosecutors told the judge accelerant was found at the scene -- the flames shot up the side of the room very quickly -- and when Jaselskis left the restaurant, he punched a surveillance camera.

The motive for his behavior is still under investigation, but the information was so disturbing the judge in the case called Jaselskis a "danger to the community" and ordered him held without bond.