'It’s crazy and it’s scary:' Neighbors concerns grow as trash piles up

Neighbors in one Fairfax community are fed up over a trash issue.

FOX 5 has reported previously about the county grappling with trash removal in recent months.

But a new issue has popped up - as the local HOA puts huge dumpsters throughout the neighborhood to deal with growing piles of trash. 

A company called Haulin’ Trash served 3,000 Fairfax customers, including London Towne. But after Haulin’ Trash closed recently, the London Towne HOA says they haven’t come up with an alternative collector yet. And as the piles grow, so does the neighborhood's concern. 

"It’s crazy and it’s scary. I stepped on something earlier and I wasn’t sure if it was a rodent, or a leaf, or what was that?" said neighbor Kyla Mitchell. "It’s ridiculous." 

In the dark, neighbors haul their garbage to strategically placed dumpsters that were brought in. Fairfax County has offered free trash dropoff to a few sites for the next few weeks, but that presents a separate problem for residents. 

"You have to put it in your car.  And who wants their trash leaking? Who wants to ride with that?" said neighbor Joy Mitchell. 

The county recently entered into an agreement with one company and is still working to resolve these issues and others regarding trash collection in the county.