Investigation after video shows woman riding bike while child runs alongside

The Illinois Department of Children & Family Services is reportedly investigating after a video posted online shows a woman biking down the street while holding the hand of a young child who is running beside her, trying to keep up.

The video was posted online by user Phillip Freezeland. On his Facebook page, Freezeland wrote that he observed the incident in Charleston, Ill. for 7 blocks before he started recording. He says it continued on for 4 more blocks before they both went into a nearby business.

When the woman on the bike saw that she was being recorded, she shouted angrily at the man.

Freezeland said the woman was cursing at the child for not running fast enough and struck him in the head. reported that the woman said the video was taken out of context. The report continued that the woman says she is a single mom doing the best she can with a special needs child and that she was not harming her child in "any way, shape or form."