Inspired by 10-year-old, Capitals Alex Ovechkin donates car to charity

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The Washington Capitals and Alex Ovechkin teamed up on Monday with Honda for a great cause, and it is thanks, in part, to one special little girl.

It is wonderful to see pro athletes raise money for great causes, but even more special is the giving of time, and Ovechkin has given some of his to the American Special Hockey Association, which opens up a whole new world to kids with developmental disabilities through the sport of hockey.

But one player in particular, with just the right amount of spunk and personality, made a day like today possible.

Though she is not quite old enough to start driving, 10-year-old Ann Schaab doesn't let it stop her from testing out this brand new Honda Accord. She is certainly not old enough to start driving, and yet, that doesn't seem to stop her either.

"I'm happy because he really loves me and he's my boyfriend," Schaab said.

That's right ladies. Back off. Ovechkin is off the market. The friendship between the outgoing 10-year-old and 6-time NHL All-Star blossomed at a hockey camp. She boldly asked Ovechkin out for sushi, and what do you know, he said yes.

A bond was formed and when the All-Star game came along, Ovechkin thought of his young friend.

He tried to win a car during the All-Star break -- repeatedly. He was not saying why he wanted it, but it never happened.

On Monday, we got to see why.

Bill Page Honda donated the car to Ovechkin. It will be raffled off and the money will go toward the American Special Hockey Association, of which Schaab is a part of.

"I think any hockey player should do something good for kids, for people who need it," said the star NHL player.

"He has taken our program to another level that we really hadn't dreamed we would achieve," said David Lucia, director of the American Special Hockey Association. "In the near future, with his star power, he has really launched our program."

So for Ovechkin, it's about the kids, and one in particular -- one that has his hand and also his heart.

We asked Schaab what she likes the most about Ovechkin.

"Alex is my favorite boy I saw and every time I think about him, I think about him and me together having sushi," she said.

We asked Ovechkin if she asked him out for sushi again, what would he say?

"Yeah, I'm in," he said. "I'm open."

"Tonight," said Schaab.

If you would like to buy a raffle ticket and possibly win that brand new Honda Accord or you just want to support the American Special Hockey Association, go to The raffle starts at midnight on Tuesday and ends May 1.