IKEA will pay you to get its old furniture back, here’s how it works

FILE-Ikea flags fly outside of a store in New York. Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg via Getty Images

IKEA is making upgrading your dining room table or dresser a little easier thanks to their program where they will take your used furniture off your hands. 

How does IKEA’s Buy Back program work?

IKEA has a Buy Back and Resell program allowing customers to sell their used IKEA furniture.

The company has an online form you can fill out to get a quote listing the buy back value of the IKEA furniture item. You’ll have to bring the form to one of the store locations listed on their website.

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Who is eligible for IKEA’s Buy Back program?

The Buy Back and Resell service is available for IKEA customers at participating IKEA stores.

Which IKEA products are eligible?

IKEA furniture has to be assembled, owned by you, and in good condition to be eligible for the Buy Back service. Store credit will be provided to you and IKEA will resell the furniture.

Are there furniture items IKEA won’t accept?

The Swedish furniture and home goods retail chain’s program does not extend to non-IKEA furniture items. Recalled IKEA furniture is also not eligible for the service.

IKEA has a full list of these items on its website that are not eligible for the program. The items include home furnishing accessories, including lighting and textiles, mattresses, bed textiles (examples are blankets and mattress toppers), electrical appliances/products, and chests of drawers.

IKEA’s Buy Back & Resell program is part of an initiative that they began last year to become a more environmentally-friendly business by 2030. The company plans to make products using recycled and reused materials, according to their website. 

This story was reported from Washington, D.C.