If trend continues, September 2019 could be one of the driest ever

Not only is it proving to be a really warm September, it's also proving to be a really dry September.

So far this month we've only had a little over a 10th of an inch of rain...that's barely anything.

Looks like this dry pattern is going to stick around for quite awhile.

Next best chance of rain will come in sometime next week.

Dry Septembers aren't unusual -- four of the last five have been below normal.

In 2018 we were really wet, with six inches above rainfall normal.

It's not unusual for us to get most of our rainfall for September in just a few days, but if this dry pattern continues through the month it could end up being one of the driest Septembers ever and it could have an effect on the color of our leaves as we head into fall.