Hundreds gather outside White House to protest Russian invasion of Ukraine

Hundreds of protestors gathered outside the White House Thursday calling on Russian President Vladimir Putin to call off his invasion of Ukraine, while also urging President Joe Biden to take stronger action against the Russian leader. 

The protest took place as thousands in Kyiv enter into night two of terror. 

Harrowing images are coming out of Ukraine as fear sweeps the country following hours of Russian missile strikes. 

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Ukrainian native, Sofia, says she woke up to rocket attacks and bombs, and a city she barely recognizes.

"I can smell gunpowder, it really smells of the gunpowder even in my apartment," said the woman who would only give her first name. 

"We hear the aircrafts flying very low all the time. The city is totally empty. People are leaving the city," she added while mentioning she's sheltering in her basement. 

Outside the White House, protests in support of Ukraine are taking place. 

"It is important today to unite and show support, not only for Ukrainian people who are determined to fight till the end but also for all of us who support democracy," said Angele Bailey. 

The message to Russia, and to the White House is clear: "The United States needs to show strong hand," said Antol Petrov. "You cannot just sit and be talking about this. The actions must be done to prevent this happening because this is rinse repeat from World War II."  

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President Biden issued tougher sanctions on Russia Thursday. 

"Putin is the aggressor. Putin is the one who chose this war, so now his country will bear these consequences," the president said. "We will limit Russia’s ability to do business in dollars, pounds, Euros, and yen."

Despite the uncertainty of what’s next in Putin’s potential takeover, back in America, many have faith in their fellow Ukrainians. 

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For Sofia in Kyiv, she says she will not leave her homeland. 

"I’m as old as my country, and I was grown here, and we’ve gone through so much together," she said. "I have nothing to lose but my life and I don’t live my life in any other country, unfortunately."