How is FOX 5 adjusting to the coronavirus pandemic? A look at working from home as a journalist

As industries across the world adapt to social distancing amid the spread of the novel coronavirus, journalists are finding creative ways to report the news. 

What happens when FOX 5 takes the news home? Here's a look at how we're accommodating, while reporting for our communities in the District, Maryland and Virginia

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We're transforming chic living rooms into at-home studios.

And swapping heels for more comfortable options! 

Who would've thought Tucker Barnes would be doing live weather hits from his dining room - sans shoes! 

Even our pets are stepping in to co-anchor, and they're doing a good job too!

And like it or not, a huge topic of discussion - while half the team is working from home - is home decor. 

What do the anchors in-studio do during commerical breaks? Take laps around the room of course!