Home of former Metro Transit Police officer charged with supporting ISIS searched by authorities

The Fairfax home of a former Metro Transit Police officer charged with providing assistance to ISIS was searched by authorities on Wednesday.

Many of Nicholas Young's neighbors said they did not know him very well and he kept to himself. He was described as quiet, mysterious and even awkward. Many also said they did not even know he was a police officer.

FBI and Justice Department investigators have been going in and out of his townhouse throughout the day after Young was arrested. Many of the agents we saw wore black masks over their heads to conceal their identities. A large black truck was parked out front as all three floors of the home were searched.

There are signs of forced entry on the door of the home and there was a power wet saw on the front lawn, which is often used to cut through locks.

By Wednesday evening, the FBI started bringing out boxes of evidence from the home.

Court documents showed Young had been living in this home since December 2003. The documents also said police were called here on June 1, 2015 on a domestic violence allegation.

"It's surprising but it's not surprising. He was just a quiet guy," said neighbor Dena Ahmad. "It's not surprising because he was such a lonely guy. He was quiet. He never interacted with anybody. Usually you would say 'hey' to your neighbors when you walk by. He would say nothing."

"Very, very scared to hear somebody just next to my house sympathizing with ISIS," said Young's next-door neighbor. "I never thought it would happen so close to home."

Neighbors said the odd behavior also extended to how Young kept his home. Neighbors told us he often had mechanical parts and large pipes on the driveway. Another neighbor said had a bumper sticker his car saying Israel should fight its own battles.

"For one week, he would have American flags and then a couple of months later when I saw him, he would have a sword with Arabic writing," said another neighbor. "I don't know what specific type of flag it is, but we thought that was odd."

Court documents also indicated that he dressed up as Jihadi John carrying a mock headless hostage for a 2014 Halloween party. He also collected Nazi memorabilia and had a tattoo of a German eagle on his neck.