Hero rescue dog saves owner's life

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A dog rescued from a shelter ended up rescueing her owner in upstate New York.

Jazzy the Yorkshire terrier mix is being credited with saving Michael, her diabetic owner.

Michael fell unconscious after his blood sugar levels went dangerously low.

Jazzy started barking, alerting Michael's mother, who could see he was in danger of falling into diabetic shock.

"She was on his chest and she was digging away with her feet," said Christine Brewer, Michael's mother. "She took her nose and she kept bumping his chin to try to bring him around."

Christine was able to wake up Michael and make sure he got help. She credits Jazzy for the whole rescue.

"It's a good thing we had Jazzy, because if we hadn't had Jazzy and I would have went to sleep, who knows if Michael would have been here today," she said.

Now just like Lassie, Jazzy is being called a hero.