Hearing to be held on Georgetown University solar farm proposed in Charles County

Georgetown University's proposal to develop a massive 240-acre solar farm in Charles County to help power its DC campus is drawing praise and criticism.

In 2015, Georgetown and more than 200 other universities got on board with the American Campuses Act on Climate Pledge, an Obama-era agreement that asked participating members to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and increase campus sustainability.

Georgetown decided to partner with Origis Energy, a Miami-based solar storage company, and proposed a 249-acre solar farm that would house 100,000 solar panels, which would produce enough solar energy to power half of the university's DC campus.

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The proposal already received the green light from the Charles County Department of Planning and Growth Management, but has attracted criticism from environmentalists who say the solar farm would result in the loss of thousands of trees and damage to waterways in the area.

The Maryland Department of Environment will hold an open hearing on Feb. 27 in Charles County for those who want to speak in support or in opposition of the project.

The Maryland Department of Environment has still not approved the project.