Health officials warn of 'tripledemic'

Health officials are warning people about a potential spike in COVID-19, flu, and respiratory syncytial virus cases. They're calling it a "tripledemic."

The concern is there could be an uptick in cases this season in all three, especially in children. 

The warning comes amid a possible disease outbreak at Stafford High School after nearly half the student body missed class last week.

Since then, the school district says several students tested positive for the flu and more are showing respiratory illness symptoms.

What is RSV? US children's hospitals see rising number of cases

COVID-19 cases have reportedly risen nationwide.

Apparently, in the last two years as everyone masked up, and practiced social distancing, plus distance learning and working from home – the cold and respiratory illnesses declined.

Now, they’re back with a vengeance.

For the most part, the restrictions put in place during COVID, no longer exist.

That means COVID-19 will now coexist with what’s expected to be a robust cold, respiratory illness, and flu season – a tripledemic.

Patty Olinger, the executive director of the Global Biorisk Advisory Council, says parents should protect themselves and their children now before Halloween. 

Doctors say they’re seeing cases of the cold and flu and respiratory virus surface earlier this season compared to years past.