Harvest underway at East Coast’s first legal outdoor pot farm

It’s fall harvest time at apple orchards and pumpkin patches, but in one small Maryland town, a very different harvest is taking place.

Cambridge is home to the East Coast’s first legal and licensed fully outdoor marijuana farm.

David Myrowitz is the Outdooor Operations Manager at Culta. He took FOX 5 inside the highly-secured facility where we were checked in by gun-toting guards, surrounded by barbed wire and chain-link fence.

“Everything is on security cameras, um... everything is monitored, we have 24-hour guards who are all retired police,” said Myrowitz.

Culta is a fully integrated company that is licensed to legally grow, process and dispense medical marijuana in Maryland.

“We do all of our processing, harvesting and then our lab makes concentrates, solvents, topical salves, all of that type of stuff,” said Myrowitz.

Their secure facility features 48 beds with 9,000 feet of drip lines and nearly 1,700 pot plants, which each produce one to four pounds of product. It’s the first medical marijuana producer in the region to grow a crop entirely outdoors.

“So, we got rain, humidity, big winds that come across, storms so all that can make powdery mildew or rot, which degrades or loses the product, so you know, you can grow all this, but until you get it actually in and processed, you could lose it all," said Myrowitz.

Culta’s big risk has brought them big rewards with healthy, high producing plants that are each worth thousands.

The company’s first harvest won’t take long to reach the market. It is expected to hit medical marijuana dispensaries across the state by the end of the month.