Halloween decorations stolen from Loudoun County neighborhood

Authorities say decorations were stolen from a Sterling neighborhood one week before Halloween.

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office says the burglaries took place Tuesday night and were reported online. In both of the incidents, Halloween lights were stolen from the front lawn of the homes during the overnight hours.

The stolen decorations were taken within walking distance from each other - one on Teasdale Court and the other on Worthington Court.

"It is disappointing because this is all for the neighbors," said resident Rick Pollock. "I have no idea who would walk by and take something unless they needed it and couldn't afford it, but there are lots of people out there that take advantage of you."

Pollock says a fence he installed did not not deter the thief from creeping onto his property and stealing at least $50 worth of Halloween decorations. He has lived in this neighborhood for more than a decade and says two other neighbors were struck as well.

"We want to tell them if you observe anything suspicious, anybody walking around that looks like they are up to no good, to let us know," said Loudoun County Sheriff Mike Chapman. "We had both of these incidents reported online and we are glad and we want to make sure that everybody that has anything stolen reports it so we can start to determine if there are any patterns with regards to the thefts."

Detectives are asking anyone with home surveillance videos to contact them.

This same neighborhood also had Halloween decorations taken last year around this time of year.