Gunshots fly through Laurel apartment complex as police track down man wanted on drug charges

Gunshots rang out in a Prince George’s County apartment community Thursday as police tried to track down a man wanted on drug charges. It happened at an apartment community in Laurel and the man police were after is still on the loose.

Chief Hank Stawinski says officers were at the Summerlyn Apartments community looking for a man named Alpha Mansaray — a 20-year-old who is wanted on drug charges and who Stawinski said has run from police several times. 

Stawinski said just after 3 p.m., a uniformed officer approached Mansaray, and Mansaray tried to hit the officer with his car. That officer then fired several rounds at Mansaray, who took off. 

As police pursued him, a collision happened that was caught on surveillance video, which FOX 5 has obtained. Watch the video below: 

Police say at that point, two other officers fired shots at Mansaray as he tried to flee the scene. 

Officers chased him from the apartment community off of Laurel Bowie Road into Anne Arundel County and Howard County, but then they say they lost sight of him.

“I can tell our community we’ve recovered that suspect vehicle and in that suspect vehicle, there is an extraordinarily small amount of blood,” said Stawinski. “There are broken windows. The amount of blood we’re seeing in the car is not consistent with a gunshot injury.”

Police say no officers or neighbors were hurt when police shot at the suspect, but a family’s glass door was hit by an officer’s bullet. 

The man who lives at the home didn’t want to be identified because he says he is still too shaken up about what happened. He told FOX 5 his entire family, including children, were inside the home when the door was shot. Stawinski said the bullet didn’t go through the wooden door and into the home because of the type of ammunition officers use.