Gun sales rise among seniors, says gun store owner

WESTFIELD, Ind. - Men, women and now a whole new crowd are pulling the trigger on guns.

Tim Tomich, owner of Tim's Shooting Academy in Westfield, says he has noticed a rise in older customers coming in to his shop wanting to learn how to shoot.

"I'm seeing more of a demographic change to older customers. And they are very, very interested in learning and being safe," said Tomich during a FOX News interview.

On a recent day Tomich said four of 11 firearms sold were to customers 65 or older.

"A lot of times it's the husband who hunted 30 years ago, hasn't really done anything since then, and the wife has never fired a handgun or a firearm of any type," Tomich continued.

"I think they're being intimidated by what is happening out there. Back in the day people were doing more hunting - and that's where a lot of your firearms went. Now people are more concerned about protecting themselves and now they're looking more for handguns."

"I don't think they'll necessarily be carrying, but I think they want to have something to help protect the home," said Tomich.