Growing concern over recent violent attacks in DC

D.C. residents want answers after a string of violent incidents over the past several weeks - some of them random and during daylight.

The incidents include a stabbing attack on a Metro train near Navy Yard on Friday. The stabbing victim was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Among the witnesses on the train were students from John Hayden Johnson Middle School. At least two of whom were treated by medics on scene after the attack. A school employee was also seen with blood spatter on the back of her pants.

It comes one day after a hammer attack in Logan Circle. Police believe that incident began when a man spit on a passerby, leading to a chase into a wine store where he eventually pulled out a hammer and hit the victim several times in the head. The victim is expected to survive.

In a third incident in mid-September, a jogger was stabbed at random, also in Logan Circle. Wendy Martinez died from her injuries after stumbling into a nearby Chinese food restaurant looking for help.

"For the first time in over five years of my living where I live now, I have actually started to feel a little bit unsafe," said Ron Rubin, an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner for the Logan Circle area. "You start to get a little bit nervous somewhere where you used to feel completely safe."

"There is a real concern in the community that this is getting away from police," he added.

FOX 5 reached out to the Metropolitan Police Department, hoping to hear what officers are telling concerned residents as well as whether they are patrolling the area any differently, but police did not immediately respond as of Friday night.