Group seeking to pack Camden Yards for 'Reopening Day' in Baltimore

Amy Weldon walked briskly Friday on the streets of Baltimore. She went from one business to another. Over her shoulder was a canvas bag full of flyers.

She is urging businesses to hang the flyers and spread the word about a plan to bring some joy back to Charm City.

Weldon and a handful of other Orioles fans are hoping to pack Camden Yards for Monday's game against the Blue Jays. They are calling it "Reopening Day."

"I was born into the Orioles just like you are born into your last name," she said. "I grew up with a mom who played stickball in the streets with the Ripkens. Pretty cool."

She and other fans were crushed by the sight of empty seats at the Orioles game on April 29. No fans were allowed in due to security concerns. Now, these fans want a "do-over."

They hope fans will come out to the game and also patronize Baltimore businesses. She thinks united people around a sports team is first step toward pulling Baltimore together again.