Grocery store employee performs CPR to save co-worker's life

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Do you know CPR? For one employee at a Giant Food store in Southeast D.C., the life-saving skill helped save her co-worker after she went into cardiac arrest.

It all started in the middle of the afternoon one week ago when Karen Stewart suddenly collapsed to the floor.

"It was just instinct that kicked in," said Cassandra Maynor.

Known to her friends as Sandy, Maynor jumped into action with the help of a customer performed CPR on Stewart for ten minutes.

When first responders finally arrived, they used a defibrillator to restart Stewart's heart and get her breathing again. But according to Dr. Jonathan Reiner, a cardiologist at George Washington University Hospital, Maynor's actions were critical.

"Miss Stewart is alive because she had a co-worker who knew how to do CPR and was willing to do it and wouldn't give up," he said.

On top of the sheer amount of energy and stamina it takes to perform CPR, Maynor had to get over the mental stress she was feeling of seeing her friend lying on the floor.

"Scary just to see her, not knowing exactly how long she had been lying there before I got back here," Maynor said.

Stewart said she is sore, bruised and tired, But a week later, she is finally heading home from the hospital.

"Sandy, I love you," Stewart said. "Because if it wasn't for her, I would not be here."