Greg Abbott brags of sending over 11,000 migrants to DC

Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott bragged about the effectiveness of his migrant bussing program Tuesday, saying it has provided "critical relief" to Texas border towns.

Abbott's program has proven to be the bane of Democrats at all levels of government, from the White House to mayoral offices in deep blue cities. Abbott argues Texas towns have carried the weight of illegal immigration for too long and has forced "sanctuary cities" to begin sharing the burden.

"Texas has bused over 35,000 migrants to self-declared sanctuary cities," Abbott wrote Tuesday on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. "Over 11,300 to D.C., over 13,300 to NYC, over 6,700 to Chicago, over 2,600 to Philadelphia, over 1,000 to Denver, over 480 to LA.

"Our busing mission provides critical relief to overwhelmed Texas border towns."


Title 42 expiring could mean more buses of migrants coming to DC

D.C. leaders told FOX 5 Thursday that they are concerned that ending Title 42 could mean even more buses – filled with migrants – could be making their way to the nation’s capital.

Abbott's bussing program has created strife among Democrats, with mayors demanding more support from state officials and state officials demanding more from the federal government.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams' deteriorating relationship with Gov. Kathy Hochul is a prime example. Adams has pressed the governor to spread migrants arriving from Texas across more of New York state to lighten the load for NYC.

Hochul has so far refused to do so.

One thing Hochul and Adams agree on, however, is they don't think President Biden is doing his job. They argue Biden must issue an emergency declaration to open up more federal funding for the state.


Another bus of migrants dropped off near VP Harris’s DC residence Thursday

Another busload of migrants were dropped off Thursday morning near Vice President Kamala Harris' D.C. residence.

Adams has also demanded that Biden expedite the work permitting process for migrants to allow them to support themselves, rather than take up city and state resources housing them in shelters.

Los Angeles voted to sue Abbott over the program last week. Abbott's office dismissed this move.

"The LA City councilmembers are complete hypocrites," Abbott spokesman Andrew Mahaleris told Fox News Digital in a statement. "In June, they unanimously voted to become a sanctuary city, welcoming migrants to the city. Texas began bussing migrants to sanctuary cities like Los Angeles last year to provide relief to our overrun and overwhelmed border communities."

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