Governor Youngkin connects with concerned parents to discuss education

Governor Glenn Youngkin was in Prince William County Tuesday discussing a big presidential election issue: education.

The Virginia governor has tittered around whether he will be running for president in 2024, but education in Virginia has now become an issue that he must address.

A recent state audit report found that Virginia students are getting hundreds of dollars per student less than the national average and parents aren’t happy.


New report reveals Virginia schools are underfunded

Virginia is underfunding its schools, according to a new government watchdog report.

In his 2021 gubernatorial campaign, he spoke out about being a proud supporter of parents being involved in their children’s education: "Children belong to parents, not the state and not to schools," he said at the time. 

But on Tuesday at Piney Branch Elementary School, he listened to their concerns about how social media and technology are harmful to the children in Virginia and their learning.

Among the issues brought to the table were technology and tracking in the classroom, social media bullying, and access to pornography. Youngkin spent time with the parents listening and discussing his administration’s policies geared toward solving these issues, including a new state law requiring pornography websites to verify users’ age.

Adults are also worried about children being skilled on social media. One parent FOX 5 spoke to believes that it could lead to a serious safety concern.

"It’s challenging because they know more than I do," said Amy Tobias. "If he really wanted to hide something from me, he could.

With the recent audit report alleging that schools are underfunded, parents are looking for answers from Governor Youngkin. The governor has yet to reach a budget deal with the general assembly holding up billions of dollars for education. FOX 5 asked whether he plans to call a special session to force the issue. He says it’s an option on the table.