Governor Ralph Northam addresses Virginia’s COVID-19 response ahead of Thanksgiving holiday

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam re-emphasized new mitigation measures for the state's COVID-19 response amid a spike in coronavirus cases in the Commonwealth and ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Northam discussed the rise and restrictions that went into place Monday at a press briefing on Wednesday, saying Virginia is doing well in terms of new coronavirus cases compared to other states across the U.S., but the virus is still spreading and hospitalizations are on the rise.

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There are currently over 200,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Virginia and over 3,800 deaths.

On Monday, new measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus went into effect which included reducing the size of gatherings, strengthening COVID-19 enforcement for businesses, following a nightly alcohol curfew and mandating masks for most Virginians.

Northam also called on Congress to pass a new stimulus package, saying "the election is now behind us," and "Congress needs to come together to get this done, and they need to get this done now.”

Northam's briefing was focused on encouraging Virginians to stay safe during the Thanksgiving holiday. The governor encouraged the public to hold smaller gatherings, eat outside if possible or even hold this year's holiday online, saying, "This year, staying home is an act of love."

While other states and jurisdictions have put travel restrictions in place ahead of the upcoming holiday, Northam did not announce any kind of new travel-related measures. 

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The governor also encouraged any Virginians who were able to donate blood to do so as the Red Cross is in need and unable to hold donation drives as they would in the past. To find out more about donating, click here.


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