Golden Retriever unwraps new puppy for Christmas

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Nobody was happier in Ortonville than a Golden Retriever who got exactly what he wanted this Christmas: a puppy.

Cash is 12-years old. He's a little gray in the face and slower than he used to be but he still gets around pretty good. But Marie Ahonen said their beloved Golden Retriever seemed a little lonely recently. Especially since his best friend, Rosie, passed away.

"He's been the best dog we've ever had," Marie said. "When (Rosie) died, he just kinda seemed lost. He slept 23 and a half hours a day. He just needed more excitement in his life."

So they got an idea.

Just before Christmas, Cash got exactly what most 12 year olds want: a new puppy! And Marie got her dog's amazing reaction on video.

Her husband, Jay, walks in with the surprise inside this box. Cash is curious and as soon as the top comes off his tail starts going crazy. He's got a new buddy named Jennings.

Cash even looks up at the camera - seemingly saying "thank you."

"It'll be our Christmas present to our family - that was our first thought. Then it just kind of piqued in my mind that this will be Cash's present," Marie said. "He just got so excited and his paws were going a million miles an hour and I'm just so excited, like this is what he needed "

Mr. Johnny Cash seems to love his new buddy Jennings, named after the famous country star Waylon Jennings.

"He definitely has a new sparkle in his eye, this one keeps him very busy."

They decided to post the video to spread the joy they felt and it took off, spreading all over social media and news sites everywhere. It's had millions of views so far.

"It's pretty crazy. Everyone on Facebook is like 'what is going on'?

As her video spreads around the internet, Cash is getting a new lease on life at home.

"Cash is teaching him the best way to be a dog."

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