Billboard truck flashes photos of George Washington University students accused of being 'anti-semitic'

A truck parked on the campus of George Washington University appears to show images of students at the school who have been accused of being anti-semitic. 

FOX 5's Jen Delgado saw the truck parked near 20th and F Street. It was left running and unattended.

The truck has digital billboards on three sides, each showing photos of students with the heading "GWU's Leading Anti-Semites." 

It appears to be sponsored by the conservative watchdog group Accuracy in Media. The billboards also direct readers to a section of their website titled "GWU Hates Jews." 

"Islamic terrorists just killed hundreds of men, women, and children in Israel. Among the dead were Jews, Christians, Israelis, Europeans, and Americans," the website reads. "Shockingly, radical "scholars" at GWU responded by siding with the terrorists and blaming the victims." 


George Washington University students project messages criticizing Israel on campus building

Students at George Washington University sparked outrage on campus after projecting messages criticizing Israel, and the school's president, Tuesday onto the exterior wall of the Gelman Library.

The site then prompts visitors to send a message to GWU's board of trustees to "tell them to take action against these despicable, hateful students." 

People that Accuracy in Media claims to have confirmed are board members are then listed. 

There has been a rise in tension between pro-Palestine and pro-Israel supporters across D.C. since Hamas launched its attack against Israel and war broke out in October. 

Earlier this month, a pro-Israel billboard truck that was parked on GWU's campus was vandalized. 

The glass encasing a sign on the back of the truck that read "Let’s be clear: Hamas is your problem too" was shattered after students reportedly threw a rock at the truck, which was sponsored by JewBelong, a non-profit dedicated to fighting antisemitism.

The other sides of the truck read "We’re just 75 years since the gas chambers. So no, a billboard calling out Jew hate isn’t an overreaction" and "Think Jew hate isn’t dangerous? Try wearing a yarmulke." 

A spokesperson for the organization said that the perpetrator yelled "Free Palestine" when they threw the rock.  A driver was in the truck at the time but nobody was injured in the incident. 

GWU leaders released a comment about Wednesday's incident, saying: 

"Dear Members of the George Washington University Community,

In recent weeks, the university has repeatedly emphasized the importance of upholding our shared values and engaging respectfully and civilly with one another, especially when discussing difficult topics. These are high standards that we must all continue to strive to meet even when others outside our community—such as those who organized a mobile billboard on campus today—do not.

On Wednesday, we became aware of a billboard, organized by a group that is not affiliated with the university, that displayed images of students' names and photos. This billboard, which was in public space and not stationed on GW property, was a misguided and malicious effort that endangers members of our community. We want to be clear that we condemn this campaign to intimidate, threaten, and dox our students.

As President Granberg has shared, we do not tolerate Islamophobia, antisemitism, or any forms of hate on our campus, and we must continue to productively engage with one another without intimidating, insulting, or attacking those who disagree.
Members of our staff have contacted the students targeted and are providing resources and support. If you are aware of a student in additional need of support, we encourage you to submit a CARE referral or contact the Division for Student Affairs at or 202-994-6555. Other safety, security, and wellbeing resources are available here.

Ellen M. Granberg, President
Colette Coleman, Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Students"