Gang of illegal bikers spotted in Shaw neighborhood

Over the weekend a gang of illegal bikers were spotted in the Shaw neighborhood. They boldly rode right past a D.C. police cruiser and a restaurant owner in the area is fed up with it.

Not only does the owner think the roar of illegal bikes is a nuisance, he is also worried about his customers.
"Often time when I can hear the four wheel dirt bikes I go outside and sort of watch over the patio a little bit and if somebody wants to walk out I can stop them," expressed restaurant owner, Daniel Sidzina.

Cell phone video that was shot by a diner out on the patio of Bistro Boheme in Shaw shows nearly 50 bikes and ATVs cruising down the streets of D.C. on Sunday evening.

Although Sidzina tries to protect his customers, he wonders why police won't do more to stop the bikers.