Frederick County students removed from classroom after threats made at high school

According to reports, three students were removed from Brunswick High School after making a series of threats.

The Frederick County Sheriff's Office said they responded to the school on Thursday for the report of threats to carry out a school shooting on Friday.

According to the sheriff's office, the alleged threats were sent through text message communication spanning over the last two weeks and the students involved have been identified. They have determined that all of the students involved were joking with each other and there is no evidence that a shooting would be carried out.

The school said they have removed the students from class and contacted their parents. A school resource officer and local law enforcement are investigating the matter.

As a precaution, both Brunswick Police and the sheriff's office will have an increased presence at the school.

In a letter sent home to parents, Brunswick High School principal Nancy Doll wrote:

"Dear Brunswick High School Families:

"We received a report today that some students were threatening to harm others at school tomorrow. We have identified those making the threats, removed them from class and contacted their parents. We have involved our School Resource Officer and local law enforcement in investigating this matter.

"You can be assured that threats involving school safety are taken seriously at Frederick County public schools. The students who have made threats will not be permitted back on campus until the investigation is resolved.

"Please advise your teen that it is important to report threatening speech, behavior or bullying to a trusted adult at school. Safety is everyone's responsibility. We will not tolerate bullying.

"Working together we will maintain the great learning environment we've built at Brunswick High School. I extend my thanks to the many students who do excellent work here every day, and I thank those families who take the time to report any concerns so we can resolve them."