Frederick County Sheriff’s Office looking to solve staffing troubles by hiring more women

Plenty of law enforcement agencies all over the country are having trouble hiring. It’s an issue many agencies have struggled with for years.

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As a result, the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office is trying a different approach to solving the problem: officials are now targeting women.
"I feel like it’s gonna be a different way to just get some candidates in that really may have never even pictured themselves doing this type of career before," FCSO Personnel Supervisor Jillian Hershberger said Monday, hours after the department tweeted a video of female Deputy Cassy Boettcher aimed at potential female recruits.

"We need you," Boettcher said in the clip. "We need more females on the force. I believe we bring a whole different dynamic and atmosphere."

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Sheriff’s office leadership agrees. They’re currently working to fill 11 job openings, and while Hershberger said they’ll take men too, she added that female law enforcement officers are less likely to use force, are named in fewer complaints and get better outcomes for some victims.

"This has been a male-dominated profession for a long time. Things are changing very quickly," Hershberger told FOX 5. "It doesn’t matter who you are; if you come in here, and you have a go-getter attitude, and you know that you want to be successful in this career, you will be, especially here with the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office."


The jobs start at about $54,000 per year. No prior experience is needed, nor is a college degree. For more information, you can click here.