Freckles, rare calico lobster rescued from Manassas Red Lobster, dies at Virginia museum

A rare calico lobster that was rescued from the dinner table after its unusual pattern was spotted by a worker at a Virginia restaurant has died.

The lucky crustacean named Freckles was plucked from a seafood shipment by a staff member who recognized its patter at a Red Lobster in Manassas in May 2021.

Freckles, the rare calico lobster (The Virginia Living Museum)

Experts said that a lobster with its type of colorful shell was very rare and found in only "one in every 30 million" lobsters.

Freckles was donated to the Virginia Living Museum where he was given permanent residency in their aquarium. Museum officials say Freckles died overnight during the molting process during which crustaceans shed their exoskeleton.