Fox Weather reporter who saved woman from flooded car in Dallas says first responders are true heroes

A Fox Weather reporter rescued a woman from her car Monday in Dallas after heavy rains and flash floods turned some roadways into rivers.

Robert Ray said the woman lost control of her car after driving into the high water in the downtown area.

Video shows Ray pulling the woman out of the car window and carrying her out of the floodwater to safety.

During an interview with FOX 5 Tuesday, Ray said he became aware of the situation while he and his crew were setting up for a live shot. Ray said he made contact with the woman inside the vehicle and tried to push the vehicle to a safe place – but it wouldn’t budge.

Ray said he convinced her to exit through the window and led her to dry land. He then went back to help her retrieve some belongings.

Ray says the true heroes are the first responders who have helped countless people across the Dallas and Forth Worth area.