FOX 5's Jeannette Reyes celebrates natural hair live on air after viral TikTok

FOX 5's Jeannette Reyes is no stranger to going viral on TikTok and her most recent claim to fame is all about embracing your natural hair.

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It can take people of color a long time to learn to love their natural or curly hair, Jeannette says, and each person has their own journey.

"I grew up knowing that anything that was tightly curled or generally curly was just not attractive," Jeannette said on TikTok. "Things have changed, I feel like, a lot especially with this generation."

Jeannette plans on wearing her hair natural on air Thursday for the first time ever. She acknowledged that not every workplace allows people of color to wear their hair natural.

"Not every station allows you to wear your hair curly, not every workplace allows you to wear your natural hair," she said. "That said, my station does…but for me, that's just half of it."

Jeannette says the idea of wearing her hair natural on TV is scary because she doesn't wear it curly very often.

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"The idea of wearing my hair curly is terrifying," she says. "Growing up, curly hair wasn't really celebrated as much as it is now."

She says because of the societal belief that curly or natural hair wasn't attractive, she damaged her hair with heat tools to make it straight.

"I never really learned how to do my own hair and take care of my own curls," she says.

That's why she's talking to experts and learning how to embrace her natural hair.

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"My hairstylist and I are coming up with a game plan," she says. "I'm really excited and hopefully I can keep it that way for a longer period of time."

Tune in here to see Jeannette's natural hair on Good Day DC.