FOX 5 reporter Bob Barnard talks about attention received after African Moon Moth story went viral

Our very own Bob Barnard is now a viral video star!

It all started after an African Moon Moth laid two eggs in his ear on live TV!

"All the stories you do and THIS is the one that goes out there!" Barnard said Friday on GoodDayDC.

Bob explained that his assignment Monday took him to the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History for a behind-the-scenes look at their exhibits for Museum Week.

During their live shot in the museum's Butterfly Pavilion – an African Moon Moth landed on his chest and made its way up to his ear.

"It was fluttering away there – I didn't know what was going on – I actually thought it was humping my ear!" he said. "I've done live shots in wind and rain – you just carry on – you don't worry about what's going on around you."

"I certainly wasn't going to flick the think off of my ear and kill it! That would have REALLY gone viral!" he said.

"I just let the moth play with my ear – whatever it was doing."

Barnard said the moth eventually flew onto the director and climbed into his ear. When the live shot was over, the director discovered eggs inside of his ear.

It was at that point that FOX 5 photographer Indira LeVine noticed something in Bob's ear.

"It turns out that the moth laid a couple of eggs in my ear," he said. They turned out to be non-fertilized eggs. Barnard says he flicked them into the bushes.

"And oh my goodness, I tweeted that this moth laid a couple of eggs in my ear, I put that on Twitter, and it went crazy! I didn't realize it would," he said.

Bob says he heard from relatives saying that they had seen it on a the Daily Mail He said his sister in New York told him it was in the New York Daily News. CNN and FOX News also reported on Bob's moth encounter. Stories also popped up on TIME, The Huffington Post, and TV Spy.

Bob was happy to help the moth.

"I have a goddaughter in Connecticut, she said, ‘That moth felt very comfortable in your ear!'"