FOX 5 intruder suspect held without bond

A man who was shot by a FOX 5 security officer after he allegedly smashed his way into our building remains in jail without bond after a Thursday court appearance.

George Odemns, 38, was taken to the hospital in critical condition last week, but walked into the courtroom without aide.

A judge found probable cause to charge him with second-degree burglary.

He is scheduled to return to court on Nov. 14.

The judge says he believes Odemns is a danger to the community, despite his defense attorney's claim that he intended no harm when he smashed his way through two glass doors before being shot on Oct. 22.

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Following his arrest, officials said Odemns was not armed, but had his hands in his sweatshirt as he made his way into the building. A FOX 5 security officer ordered him to stop, but he refused, according to police.

Investigators said the security officer shot Odemns once in the chest. He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition but has since been released.

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Odemns, who made his first court appearance on Monday, is homeless and has had issues with local media, police and government officials for some time, according to authorities.

He has written a number of emails and social media posts to personnel at FOX 5 and sued the station for allegedly installing a nanochip in his brain. Odemns has reportedly also sued Fox News, the White House, Mayor Muriel Bowser, D.C. police and several others.

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Odemns was known to executives and personnel at FOX 5, as well as police, but, however, both have said his messages, while rambling and sometimes incomprehensible, never registered as actual threats.

Odemns faces between two and 15 years in prison if convicted on the second-degree burglary charge.