FOX 2 confronts Ann Arbor mechanic after customer receives derogatory text from business's phone

UPDATE: The owners of the BP gas station on State Street near I-94 say the mechanic is not their employee, and will vacate their garage when his lease expires next month. The owners of the station also tell FOX 2 they strongly condemn the offensive statements and behavior attributed to their tenant.

Kyle McDonald was looking for a quick place to fix a fuel pump on his car on Sunday when he stumbled upon Briarwood Auto Care, which is located on South State Street attached to a BP gas station in Ann Arbor.

McDonald says he called the mechanic and the conversation got awkward after he said he had wanted to fix the car on his own but couldn't. McDonald say the mechanic told him that if he thought was going to fix it on his own he was "in a fantasy world."

He says the mechanic he called was demeaning over the phone, assuming from his voice that he was too young to fix the car himself. Then the mechanic said a six-letter word, starting with an F that cut deep.

"It made me feel really bizarre, so I didn't want to continue our business relationship. I said, 'Thank you for your time, but I think I'm going to go somewhere else."

McDonald says that's when the conversation took another strange turn and the mechanic said, "I may not know your age, but you're a f*****." McDonald says he replied, "Have a nice day," and hung up the phone.

But the mechanic didn't stop there, after he hung up McDonald received a text message from the business's phone number, calling him the word again.

"It was just very unfortunate and I'm afraid that kind of stuff is happening to other people," McDonald said.

FOX 2's Hannah Saunders confronted the mechanic at the shop, but he didn't seem to have any answers. The mechanic didn't give FOX 2 his name.

When we asked the mechanic what he had to say about the derogatory text he said, "This is crazy, get out of here dude."

The mechanic told our crews to leave and went back to his desk to answer more calls for service.