Former White House usher shares stories from life inside the presidential mansion

Christopher Emery is a living witness to history and not for just one president, but three of them.

He is a former White House usher who served from 1986 until his exit in March 1994 and worked directly for the Reagans, the Bushes, and the Clintons.

Some of his duties included overseeing White House staff, taking care of the first family's needs, as well as tours for political and private visitors.

Emery has released a new book that he says is over 20 years in the making, called "White House Usher: Stories from the Inside."

"The Usher's Office is the managing office for the executive residents and the staff that work there. We had more access to the president than his own family," says Emery.

Emery was let go from his position during the Clinton Administration, with the Clintons feeling that Emery was more loyal to the Bushes than the Clintons.

"The ushers are loyal to the White House, to the presidency. Not to one president but to all of them," says Emery.

But Emery says he did not want to divulge any private details about the first families in his book.

"This book doesn't embarrass any of the first families I work for. There's no headlines that will come out of this, it's just a great story about an average guy that ended up in the White House and how I got there and what I got to do and who I got to meet," he says.

White the Usher's position has evolved in the days since Emery worked there, becoming less hands-on than his role had been.

Timothy Harleth is chief Usher for the Trumps, having worked for them as director of rooms at Trump International Hotel in D.C.

Emery has a website where you can see photos and find links to order his book.