Former Prairie View football player shot, killed at party

A former Prairie View A&M Panthers football player is dead. 22-year-old Darius Edwards was shot at a party in Hempstead early on Thursday morning.

"Very upsetting, very upsetting," says Dr. Wendell Baker. Edwards was actually shot outside the home of the well-respected Dr. Baker, a veterinarian in Waller County for 36 years. "I knew the kids were parking there, which I had told them they could park in there because they were having the party next door which was my understanding."

As it turns out, there wasn't only a party next door. There was also a massive gathering around 12 a.m. Thursday in the field outside Dr. Baker's home, but he says he had no idea. When he heard partying and music outside, where did he think it was coming from? "Next door," explains Dr. Baker.

Another resident says the party was "huge." Edwards was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at a Bellville-area hospital. The person who shot and killed him hasn't been caught, which meant that most people in Hempstead who were willing to talk to FOX 26 News about the shooting did not want to reveal their identities. One man told FOX 26 that he heard someone open fire at the party after an argument and he says Edwards was shot in the back four times.

"Words, that's all it was," says the man. "It's ridiculous. It's a shame people can't have a party without something stupid, something ignorant like this happening."

"His family has my condolences," says Dr. Baker. "I'm sorry something like this could happen." The doctor says he has rented his property in the past to give Prairie View A&M students a safe and close place to party. During those gatherings, Dr. Baker says police were hired for security, portable lights and port-o-potties were brought in, but that wasn't the case this time because he says he did not give permission for a party to be held on his property.

Waller County Sheriff's Office deputies and Texas Rangers conducting an investigation into the shooting.

The Prairie View A&M Department of Athletics is deeply saddened to learn of the untimely passing of former Prairie View A&M student Darius Edwards. Mr. Edwards was a member of the 2011 Prairie View A&M football signing class, however an unfortunate injury prior to the 2011 fall football camp and season prevented him from ever participating with the Prairie View A&M football team.

Despite the fact that he never had an opportunity to play football for the Panthers, he was and forever will be a part of the PV family. We offer our deepest condolences to his family during this difficult time.