Former Mont. Co. teacher arrested again after more allegations of sex abuse against female students

A former Montgomery County elementary school teacher, who was arrested over the summer on accusations of sexually abusing students, is facing additional charges after police say more alleged victims have come forward.

50-year-old John Vigna, former teacher at Cloverly Elementary School, was arrested Thursday after authorities say their investigation into already existing sex abuse charges uncovered three additional victims.

One of the alleged victims, a female who is now in her twenties, claims that Vigna sexually abused her while she was a student at the school between 2000 and 2002. Two other female juveniles also told police that Vigna sexually abused them during the 2013/14 and 2015/16 school years.

In June, Vigna was arrested after two juvenile female victims at the school claimed he had sexually abused them. He is being held without bond at this time.

Detectives are requesting that parents of students who had Vigna as a teacher speak with their children about their interactions with him and to contact authorities at 240-773-5400 with any information.