Former Executive Director of DC GOP pleads guilty to fraud

The former Executive Director of the District of Columbia Republican Party has plead guilty to fraud.

Robert Turner, 45, pled guilty Thursday to a charge of first-degree fraud stemming from the theft of $7,631 from the organization.

Turner is expected to be sentenced on April 21 and must pay $7,631 in restitution to the Republican Party as part of his plea agreement.

In response to the charge, current Executive Director Patrick Mara issued the following statement:

"Mr. Turner served as the DC Republican Party's executive director under a former chairman, and in the course of an audit the Party conducted in January 2015 we discovered some financial irregularities. We understand Mr. Turner is cooperating with government authorities in their investigation and may ultimately agree to reimburse the Party for any missing funds. We will be pleased to put this behind us."