Former DC Deputy Mayor Chris Geldart's court date pushed back

Former D.C. Deputy Mayor Chris Geldart was set to appear in court Monday as he faces charges following a heated exchange in a Virginia parking lot that was caught on camera.

Geldart and his attorney Karin Porter did not show up in court, instead opting for notice of appearance of counsel, essentially pushing back his court date to another time.

At this time, Geldart has not pled guilty or not guilty or entered any plea deal.

Video given exclusively to FOX 5 earlier this month shows the moment Geldart grabbed Dustin Woodward – a trainer at the Gold's Gym on Wilson Boulevard in Arlington - by the neck.

FOX 5's Melanie Alnwick says the argument was apparently over Geldart's door hitting the parked car next to it. Woodward told FOX 5 the car belonged to his girlfriend, and said Geldart was yelling and cursing - so he told him to "shut up."

Alnwick says Geldart was charged with assault and battery that stemmed from the October 1 incident.

After Geldart was charged by Arlington Police, FOX 5 noticed that Geldart's legal address is listed in Falls Church, Virginia.

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Alnwick says D.C. code says high-level executive branch employees must be residents of the District of Columbia. This also caught the attention of many D.C residents and council members. Alnwick says Geldart resigned from his position as Deputy Mayor of Public Safety and Justice shortly after.

Alnwick says Geldart explained his living situation to the Washington Post, calling it "geo bacheloring" - a term describing his circumstances of staying at a friend's apartment in D.C. while his wife and kids lived in a rented home in Virginia. Alnwick says Geldart split time between the two homes.

Alnwick says according to a copy of Geldart's summons he could face up to one year in prison and/or a $2,500 fine. Alnwick says the court document also has a Virginia driver's license.

Geldart's next court date is set for Dec. 8.