Father finds closure 5 years after daughter's random stabbing in DC

Nearly five years after a woman was killed at random in the District, her father said he finally feels closure.

"It’s been tough, it’s been a tough five years," Jeff Magill said Monday.

Magill’s 27-year-old daughter, Margery, was stabbed and killed in August 2019 while out walking a dog on Irving Street Northwest. 

At the time, police said Margery’s attacker told them a dark force was speaking to him. Investigators added that it did not appear as though the attacker knew Margery at all.

"We love her dearly, and we’re gonna miss her," Jeff Magill said then.


Family installing bench in DC to remember daughter killed in random stabbing

"I don’t imagine you could go through anything worse than this."

Now, after years of court proceedings, the criminal case has come to an end.

Margery’s attacker, Eliyas Aregahegne, entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity late last month. 

After the plea, he was committed to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Southeast, where he’ll remain unless a judge finds that he’s no longer a danger to himself or others.

"I think we’re all good with where we are and what’s happened and know that this person will not hopefully ever get a chance to do something like that again," Mr. Magill said.

"I’d say probably the first year was the worst," he added, "and then after that you kind of move ahead, but you know there just isn’t really any time of the day, whatever, you know, you don’t remember things or think about your daughter, or something brings up a memory."

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Magill said he’s focused on making sure Margery is never forgotten. 

One of many ways he’s done that is by building and installing a bench in a community garden just blocks from where Margery was killed.