Family shocked after 93-year-old father is struck and killed in Falls Church

A Virginia brother and sister are asking the public for help, days after their 93-year-old father was hit and killed by a driver who didn't stop.

The hit-and-run occurred Friday night on Arlington Boulevard in Falls Church.

Police say a dark colored pick-up truck struck Pericles Apostolou as he crossed the roadway near Summerfield Road.

The family says their father was walking back from a bus stop after a trip to the grocery store when he was struck - a trip he'd made many times before.

Home movies tell the story of a man who came to America from Greece in December 1955, and found a way to provide for his family without even knowing the language.

"I see a life well lived but not finished, not done anytime soon," Sofia Kehayias said, reflecting on her father.

"Shock is an understatement because. He was such a vibrant man," said Chris Apostolou, his son.

"We just put him to rest, and we have to go on with our lives somehow," Kehayias said.

If you have any information that might help the investigation, call Fairfax County police.