Family: Producer Lil Money dies protecting nephew

It was a deadly morning in Atlanta on Wednesday with three people killed in three separate shootings in southwest Atlanta. Police do not believe they were connected, but all happened within a five-mile radius to each other.

The last incident happened on Smith Street where three men were shot as they stood on the street. A 22-year-old man died. The others were hit in the leg and expected to survive.

The murdered man was the uncle and promoter of a child rapper who is popular online. The family of Lil Money said he died protecting his 6-year-old nephew, known to many in Atlanta as Bankroll PJ.

Bankroll PJ became an internet sensation after he was recorded counting $100 bills. The 6-year-old has nearly half a million Instagram followers and his hit "Jump In" has been viewed nearly a million times on YouTube.

Tuesday night, the budding artist found himself in a dangerous situation when bullets began flying. He lost his manager and uncle Demandril Jackson in the gunfire.

"There's nothing to explain to him that he doesn't already know. He was there. He saw it. He knows what's going on. He's being strong. He's 6 years old. He just needs his family support," said Iasha Parker, Jackson's Aunt.

Jackson also leaves behind a daughter.

"He's so full of life. He's always jolly, always rapping, always into music," said Gereka Grier, Jackson's Cousin.

This isn't the first tragedy to strike the family. Last March, the young rapper lost his other uncle, Trentavious White, also known as Bankroll Fresh. He was gunned down outside his Atlanta recording studio.

"He's losing everyone close around him. He's too young to have to go through that," said Grier.

Bankroll PJ's family hopes he remembers what his uncles instilled in him.

"When he grows up, I just want him to remember who he was in a positive way because all he has is positivity around him when it comes to his uncles and his family," said Grier.

The family said they don't know who would kill Jackson, but they want whoever did it caught.