Family of security guard killed in Prince George's County carjacking speaks to FOX 5

We're learning more about the 23 year old killed during a carjacking in Riverdale Park. Riyahd Al Janabi's sister, Sura spoke with FOX 5 saying the family wants answers.

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"I want my brother back. Who's going to give me my brother back? I can't get my brother back," Al Janabi said.

Al Janabi says her brother was the kindest, hardest working person she knew.

"He was everything to me," she said.

Al Janabi says Riyahd was finishing up his degree in criminal justice from Prince George's Community College while working full time and was set to join the Police Academy later this year.

"That was my brother. That was a brave man. That was a hardworking man. That was an innocent man," Al Janabi said.

Riyahd died after his car was stolen and he was shot several times Thursday night while working as a security guard at a Riverdale Park apartment complex on 54th Avenue.

"That's the person who never hated anyone. That's the person who was very friendly to anyone regardless of race, religion or anything. Now he's dead. Now he is dead," Al Janabi said during an emotional interview.

The Al Janabi family fled to the United States from Iraq over 10 years ago.

"We fled from Iraq in 2010 looking for a safer and better and country. Now my brother lost his life here in the United States of America for no reason," Al Janabi said.

Pictures given to FOX 5 from the family show Riyahd at his best, happy and smiling. Al Janabi said her brother dreamt of becoming a police officer.

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"He was a hard working student who wakes up and gets to school from 9:00 to 1:00 pm and then goes to work from 3:00 to 12:00," she said.

On top of the unimaginable grief they're feeling, the family is also afraid.

"I'm scared of everyone now. I can even trust anyone now," Al Janabi said.

Al Janabi says she and her family want answers.

"Just leave him alive. Just leave him alive. He was shot with two bullets in his neck. Two bullets in his neck for what reason? For what reason," she said.

A spokesperson for Prince George's County Police say detectives are still working the case and are asking anyone with any information to give them a call.