Family of dirt bike rider killed in crash point to video of warrantless search as police harassment

The family of a dirt bike rider who died after a crash with a D.C. police vehicle tells FOX 5 that a recent search of a family member's home amounts to police harassment.

The family believes police are bothering them because they have questioned the police's version of events and alleged officers broke policy in the interactions leading up to the death of 22-year-old Jeffrey Price.

Price was laid to rest Friday.

On May 11, Price's uncle says officers searched his sister's home without a warrant. He recorded the interaction on video. It shows multiple officers at the property in the 5300 block of Jay Street in Northeast D.C. Those officers enter a fenced portion of the home's backyard and conduct a search of the area.

Despite the residents' request to see a warrant, the officers never show one and continue their search.

The Price's family attorney, David Shurtz, says the search was illegal.

"I don't care what their excuse is. You can't invade somebody's home. The Supreme Court has decided what the home includes and it includes the backyard," said Shurtz.

A spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Police Department tells FOX 5 officers were responding to a call about a suspect with a gun who may have disposed of the weapon in the area near the home. Police say the search had nothing to do with the Price family.

"The video shows the officers conducting a search for the firearm. Our officers should have communicated with the bystanders and their supervisors will address this communication failure with them," the spokeswoman said.

D.C. police say they never found the gun officers believed was in the area. An internal investigation into the officers' actions during the search is ongoing.